"ICPMA Awards 2023" Receipt of
the Overall Project Achievement Award

On June 19, 2023, at the ICPMA Awards 2023 in Munich Germany, organized by the International Construction Project Management Association, Meiho received the "Overall Project Achievement Award” on "Planic Plastic Recycling Plant Construction Project" .
Meiho’s role in the project was to support the construction of one of the largest plastic recycling plants in Japan.

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The plant was to be equipped with Japan's first specific gravity sorting equipment, which enables the sorting of multiple types of products which had previously been regarded as impossible.

Meiho participated in the project from the planning phase and managed the project by its experiences with global clients, including English communication with the client’s global purchasing department, preparation of preliminary layout plan and summarized cost report backed up with detailed document.

ICPMA highly evaluated Meiho for "Value Focused Management" that focused on value, not just choice of cost, quality and schedule. Through this management method, Meiho supported the coordination and integration of opinions of stakeholders and allowing the fast decisions for design changes by the Client. This resulted the fastest possible start-up of the plant.

ICPMA Conference 2023 Interview

ICPMA President Philip Sander and Past President Christina Stolz gave an overall review of the project:

"Planic Plastic Recycling Plant Construction Project"
Completion of one of the largest plastic recycling plants in Japan with the country’s first specific gravity sorting equipment.

Planic web site

Meiho web site About "Planic Plastic Recycling Plant Construction Project"

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