Regarding Response Policies for COVID-19

We are going to detail the response policies for COVID-19 being implemented in business operations by Meiho Facility Works Limited (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshi Onuki)

Drawing Up Policies that are Suitable for the Escalating Spread of the Virus
Management has drawn up response policies which are based not only on the current situation, which is changing from moment to moment as the spread of the virus progresses, but also on the environment surrounding our company and requests from the government. These are being updated regularly as the situation changes and we are ensuring that all employees are notified so that they can respond in a suitable manner.

Measures to Prevent COVID-19 Infection

  • Wear masks in all activities in daily life and disinfect hands and fingers with alcohol
  • Take temperature daily and record in an intra-company application. If a temperature above average presents, limit outings and focus on receiving medical care
  • Telecommuting is a basic rule, and if a trip to the office is required for some extenuating circumstance, stagger work hours and commute using each respective route’s off-peak hours
  • Maintain social distancing when interacting with others
  • Perform all business meetings, including those with people from outside of the company, through web conferencing
  • Regarding business meetings that must be held in person due to extenuating circumstances, keep the number of attendees to the absolute minimum and organize seating with a suitable amount of space between those in attendance.
  • Stop reception of visitors at all our offices
  • If close contact with someone who has contracted the virus has taken place, or there is the fear that close contact has taken place, self-quarantine for 14 days as a basic rule.
  • Business outings, trips, participation in events, gatherings, etc. are all forbidden as a basic rule

Provision of Services
Our company utilizes ICT for the sharing of processes and information through the cloud internet and we have constructed a system that allows for the implementation of business through an environment that is completely telecommuting-based. Customers and clients will be informed of the policies in place to prevent further spread of the virus and we will continue to offer services in line with the policies.
Additionally, we are concretely investigating responses for each business with regard to how to conduct business operations in the event of a lockdown.

Employee Support
With the closure of schools (up to high school), times during telecommuting when business cannot be attended to due to child rearing, or times when business cannot be attended to due to caring for an elderly relative, etc., will be viewed as working hours.