Office Fit-out and Consolidation

Office Fit-out

Regarding office relocation, Meiho offer a customer oriented Project Management service (PM) taking advantage of our independence and neutrality.

  1. Provide quantitative information for the works, done by the contractors nominated by the building owner such as electric power supply, air conditioning, ICT, and other facilities.
  2. Trial estimate for the required office area in a building using our benchmark pilled for over the past 20 years.
  3. Cost simulation of the overall relocation using our own database.
  4. Provide our services for head office integration and/or simultaneous consolidation of nationwide branches due to business integration and/or merger.
  5. Enhance work style and productivity, or improve office environment and offer attractiveness candidate employees.


Conducting simultaneous consolidation along with business consolidation or merger is an important business matter for clients because such consolidation projects affect corporate activities. Generally, each project has a limited time. On the other hand, coordinating organizational restructuring at the planning stage tends to take longer, so the amount of time that can be allocated for relocation work is extremely small. In addition, the realization, within this short period, of the construction of high functionality offices that conform to the organization and the work styles, and also the construction of factories and research laboratories that take account of future functions, speedily and at low cost, are in line with the needs of many of our clients. These projects require highly professional expertise to manage several branches simultaneously at appropriate cost and rapid speed while maintaining high quality.
Our engineers, who are highly experienced in consideration projects, provide project implementation services by arranging the tasks assigned to project members, the required quality standards, and the deadline at the beginning of projects in order to promote the work efficiently and steadily at each branch by means of our own visualized and unified project management system.

Office Fit-out Major Projects

Office Fit-out

Office Fit-out Projects

Client Project Summary Location Project Scale
Japan Post Inusurance Co., Ltd. Consolidation and relocation Tokyo 16,200 tsubo
Chiyoda Corporation Relocation of head office Kanagawa 15,200 tsubo (50160 m²)
IT Holdings Group Integration of the head office and the group companies Tokyo 9,000 tsubo (29,700m²)
Internet Initiative Japan, Inc. (IIJ) Integration of the head office and the group companies Tokyo 6,400 tsubo (21,120m²)
JICA Consolidation of government facilities, consolidation of laboratories Tokyo 5,500 tsubo (18150 m²)
Asatsu-DK Inc. Relocation of head office Tokyo 5,000 tsubo (16500 m²)
PFU Co., Ltd. Relocation of head office Kanagawa 5,000 tsubo (16500 m²)
DeNA Co., Ltd. Relocation of head office Tokyo 4,000 tsubo (13,200m²)
SAP Japan Co., Ltd. Relocation of head office Tokyo 3,600 tsubo (about 11,880m²)
INPEX Corporation Relocation of head office Tokyo 3,400 tsubo (11,220m²)
Kuraray Co., Ltd. Relocation of head office Tokyo 2,700 tsubo (8910 m²)
KDDI Corporation Relocation of head office Tokyo 2,000 tsubo (6,600m²)
Thompson Reuters Markets KK Relocation of head office Tokyo 1,700 tsubo (5,610m²)
Coca-Cola East Japan Co., Ltd Integration of head office and group companies Tokyo 1,300 tsubo (4290 m²)
BellSystem24, Inc. Relocation of head office Tokyo 1,200 tsubo (3960 m²)

We have a wealth of business achievements in each field <Finance,IT services,advertising agencies, legal offices, clothing manufacturers,foodstuff> Please refer to our track record by category of business.

Consolidation Major Projects

Simultaneous reorganization (consolidation) of multiple bases

Simultaneous reorganization (consolidation) of multiple bases Projects

Client Project Summary Location Project Scale
Coca-Cola East Japan Co.,Ltd. Business integration of 4 companies (Reorganization of 4 head office and 10 branches) Kanto Region & Tokai Region Total approx.6,000 tsubo (19,800m²)
Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd. Business integration of 6 companies (Consolidation of head office functions at 4 bases/Reorganization of approx. 100 branches nationwide) Tokyo and Nationwide 7,300 → 6,300 tsubo
(24,090 → 20,790m²)
102 → 65 branches
A certain public corporation Business integration of 3 companies (Integration of head office with consolidation of branches) Within Tokyo 7 → 4 branches

Consolidation of factories and research laboratories

Consolidaonsolidation Track Recordstion of factories and research laboratories Projects

Client Project Summary Location Project Scale
A certain manufacturer ・Development of researcher’s work and communication style
・Relocation of existing research facilities and test rooms
・Construction of new office wing
Hyogo 3,000 tsubo (9900 m²)
A certain foodstuff company ・Relocation of production lines in the Kanto and Kansai factories
・Construction of factory purchased in the Kansai Region, and renewal of facilities
・Renewal and expansion of the existing factory, installation of a new production line
Ibaraki, Hyogo 2,200 tsubo (32670 m²)
A certain independent administration corporation ・Reduction of the area of the research facilities of 2 public corporations by 20%
・Renewal of the reception area, offices, researchers’ area, cafeteria, and library in the research facilities
Tokyo 2,300 tsubo (7590 m²)

Our office relocation services are as shown below.

[Office Relocation] Support for Relocation Project Startup

Studying relocation of the head office, Comparison of candidate buildings. We support management decision making regarding the office relocation to arrange smooth project start up, while studying cost reductions through identifying the required area, construction costs, financial impact, and improvement effects based on our benchmark database and simulations. We also support clients in selecting the optimum building, firstly by providing evaluation of candidate buildings with a feasibility study reflecting clients' requirements, such as locations, building facilities, construction costs, and then by creating test fit plans.

Office Relocation, Design, and Project Management

Basic plan and schematic design: Optimization of plan and design

The schematic design and schematic outline document are developed smoothly by our in-house designers and engineers based on an understanding of regulations and the characteristics of MEP equipment.

Preparing an ICT infrastructure

Our professional engineers plan the ICT infrastructure of the office while taking into account the optimization of the functions, method of use, and cost performance.

Paper Reduction, Paperless, Shared Desk

In-house work style consultants introduce the office operation plan and the situation of Meiho's telework activities, and support implementation and practice in your company.

Assessment of relocation construction costs, and price negotiations: Assessment of quotations, price negotiations, competitive bidding

We carry out cost negotiations with building owners and designated building contractors. We verify your procurement policy, and provide a cost management service aimed at realizing cost minimization.
・Competitive bidding for tenant work (new furniture, telephone facilities, LAN, AV systems, moving, security, etc.)
・Assessment of quotations for restoration work of the exiting building, price negotiations, and schedule negotiations.
・Cost report on time with updating the cost control sheet from the earliest stages of project through to completion.

  • * Value engineering (VE): an approach that clarifies the relationship between value of actualization and required costs in order to provide multiple low-cost options that lower costs without detracting in terms of value.


We will continue to support the client's office operation even after the relocation.

Support at the preparation and survey stages

In a corporation consolidation project, there are many issues at the initial stage, including the obtaining of information concerning corporations and organizations, and coordination of opinions among many persons concerned, making it extremely difficult to implement the project. We provide support for the following as important points at the initial stage of the project.
(1) Project task arrangement (arrangement of purpose and policy), budget, master schedule, tasks of persons concerned, completion timing, etc.)
(2) Development of project operation policy (conference body, shared information rules, approval process, construction quality inspection, etc.)
(3) Survey of the current situation and analysis (office rules, work style, ICT, security, checking of the required data and drawings)

[Consolidation] Support at the planning and design stages

When integrating offices that have difficult cultures, it is important to study and planning significant elements, such as work style and security rules so as to operate the new offices. We provide a variety of solutions that meet the requirements of clients at minimal cost with a wide range of engineers specializing not only in construction and facilities, but also work style and ICT.

[Consolidation] Support at the procurement and construction stages

First we discuss the contract scheme and the policy for selecting each work task with the client, then formulate the optimum method, and implement it, because various ordering methods are conceivable such as centralized purchasing led by the head office, or individual selection of contractors conducted by each base (or each company). In order to ensure that a large number of project members (head office, on-site, contractors, etc.) can share the latest information in a timely manner at the construction work stage, we make use of cloud management tools. This also ensures that the members of the Project Management Office can share information on the progress of the work without visiting the site, even when the site is in a remote area.

[Consolidation] Support for operation and other matters

It is important to carry out preparations prior to the relocation because it is not easy for employees who start to work in a new office to abruptly change over to a new way of working style. For this reason, we can provide support for preparing an office manual and also for putting it into practice. We also have a quotation assessment service for restoration work of the old office.

[Consolidation] Reorganizing factories and laboratories

Concerning the consolidation of factories and research laboratories, we develop the basic concept of the building based on an analysis of current and future functions. We also carry out management that reflects the wishes clients aimed at early operation and minimization of renovation costs.