Public Facilities

The "Amended Bill for Ensuring the Quality of Public Works" went into effect accompanying the recent rise in construction costs and the shortage of labor. Meanwhile, the burden on the ordering party has also increased in order to maintain the quality of work. We support the smooth implementation of public works projects, within the target cost with high quality,based on our wealth of experience of supporting clients in the private sector over many years.
In public construction works, there are many issues such as the management of smooth implementation of the overall project, the necessity of coping with variety of procurement methods, supplementing of technical strengths, and the securing of transparent public procurement. In order to deal with this large number of issues, our project managers who are highly experienced in this area has supported various municipalities. From the stage of formulation of a medium- to long term plan for the entire public facility, we present each individual basic concept, highly accurate schedule and costs and provide support to municipal governments, through all stages of the project from the design and construction to the procurement and installation of auxiliary facilities.

Major Projects

Public Facilities New Construction and Renovation Projects

Public Facilities New Construction and Renovation Projects

Client Project Summary Location Project Scale
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Procurement support services (Shinjo-city city office building) Aichi Approx. 9,000m²
Edogawa Ward, Tokyo Rebuilding of the Matsue Primary School belonging to Edogawa Ward Tokyo Approx. 8,000m²
Ichihara City, Chiba Disaster prevention city office building (in progress) Chiba Approx. 8,500m²
Edogawa Ward, Tokyo Rebuilding of Funabori Elementary School belonging to Edogawa Ward (One other school is also being constructed.) Tokyo Approx. 9,000m²
Edogawa Ward, Tokyo Rebuilding of Harue Elementary School belonging to Edogawa Ward (One other school is also being constructed.) Tokyo Approx. 8,000 m²
Nagareyama City, Chiba Work of constructing a new combined primary and middle school Chiba Approx. 22,000m²
Osaka Prefecture University Work of constructing a new general education and research wing Osaka Approx. 14,000m²
Osaka Prefecture University New construction of an innovation base Osaka Approx. 1,750m²
Osaka Prefecture University Work of constructing a new-age plant factory Osaka Approx. 1,430m²

Public Facilities Renovation Projects

Public Facilities Renovation Projects

Client Project Summary Location Project Scale
Osaka Prefecture University School building maintenance project (for upgrading the school building) Osaka 13 buildings
Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture Renewal of heat source equipment and air condition equipment Osaka Approx. 37,000m²
Nagareyama City, Chiba Installation of air conditioning equipment in a middle school administered by the city government Chiba 8 schools

[Public Facilities] Procurement Support

In the case of a public project, there are variety of procurement methods such as the "design build system" and the "ECI (Early Contractor Involvement)1 system" that has recently become the focus of attention, in addition to the conventional "separate design and construction system." Our advantage is that we apply the highly transparent PM (Project Management) service to all of these systems.

We are involved from the startup of a project, and propose the optimum procurement methods for the project. We deliver a wide variety of services including the support for setting the target price for effective bids, the Price Cap Method in which the target price is to be set as the upper limit at the design and construction stages, VE2/CD3 proposals, and schedule management in consideration of the committee meeting schedule. We provide expertise to support clients to ensure the required quality standards, cost minimization and the compliance with the schedule.

  1. Early Contractor Involvement [ECI] = A system in which the contractor participates in a project from the design stage. It enables construction-related issues to be reflected in the design, resulting in merits such as reduction of the work period.
  2. Value engineering [VE]: an approach that clarifies the relationship between value of actualization and required costs in order to provide multiple low-cost options that lower costs without detracting in terms of value.
  3. Cost Down [CD] = A way of thinking in which the relationship between the functions to be realized and the required cost is classified, and the cost reduced.

We carry out clients support and management to cope with the various procurement systems shown below.

[Public Facilities] Support for Development of the Basic Concept and the Basic Plan (Project Startup Support)

We are involved in a project from the startup stage which includes formulation of the basis concept and the basic plan. We make proposals concerning "what facilities" to prepare, "at what cost", "by what date", and "how", and provide support for decision-making. We also carry out a current situation survey, arrange the planned conditions, and provide support for holding conferences with the local community. We formulate the direction of the project, the product scale, the procurement policy, and the budget, in order to meet the clients' demands.

Multiple Facilities Work Management

In recent years, deterioration measures in public facilities have become a major issue. In this connection, in April 2014 the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications requested regional municipalities to "formulate general management plans for public facilities."
We have already started various efforts to overcome the issues with which various local municipalities are confronted for supporting municipalities to formulate long-term and short-term plans, based on our track record achieved through working with major private corporations.
The kinds of issues confronting each regional municipality differ from one municipality to another. We obtain a grasp of the current situation and arrange the various issues, then propose individual realizable solutions.

Example of activities in municipality A

Example of activities in municipality B

Overview of System for Multiple Facilities Work Management

For some municipalities, the burden of interim maintenance is high, and the fact that there are insufficient staff available to carry out planning formulating work such as "development of a mid-term plan" and "breaking down the mid-term plan to a fiscal year plan" is an issue.
Our service will complement the shortage of specialization and manpower at municipalities, and provide support for the creation of a setup that will enable the staff to concentrate on the work that they are supposed to be doing (= planning formulation work).