Office Buildings

Regarding projects for constructing client's own buildings, in addition to newly constructing or upgrading a building, we utilize our know-how concerning office construction which we have accumulated over many years, and provide support for "the creation of ideal office buildings for clients," which places emphasis on the client's management strategy, the employees' work style, and improved production.
For rental buildings, we advise the requirements for realizing attractive office to the tenant, namely grade settings that place emphasis on cost effectiveness, and also BCP countermeasures, based on the latest market trends, and support high investment efficiency and maximization of profits.

Major Projects

Client's own buildings

Client's own buildings Projects

Client Project Summary Location Project Scale
Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd. Head Office large scale upgrading project Tokyo Approx. 17,500m²
Tomy Company, Ltd Head office building Project involving the construction of a new wing and also upgrading of the main building Tokyo Approx. 10,000m²
Tamano Consultants Co., Ltd. Construction of head office building accompanying office integration Aichi Approx. 6,500m²
Yotsugi Co., Ltd. Kyobashi Yotsugi Building new construction project Tokyo Approx. 1,700m²

Rental Office Building

Rental Office Building Projects

Client Project Summary Location Project Scale
A certain real estate fund company Office building Upgrading project for quake resistance Osaka Approx. 10,000²
A certain real estate fund corporation Office building Renewal project Tokyo Approx. 9,000m²
Eiwa Kosan, Inc. Office building New construction project Osaka Approx. 7,000m²
A certain major insurance company Office building Renovation project Kanagawa Approx. 3,500 m²

[Office Buildings] Project Management for New Construction and Renovation

Our highly knowledgeable engineers in office building construction provide customer oriented project management services for new construction and refurbishment of office buildings. We provide a one-stop service that covers a range of tasks from basic concept development and the basic plan, to design management, procurement support management.

Client's Own Building -Total management for ideal office building for clients-

The construction of a client's own building is an important project that is closely related to its corporate management strategy. We utilize not only construction work management, but also our wealth of experience and know-how in office construction, and propose office construction that conforms to the client's management strategy, the employees work style, and productivity improvement. Our staff, who are professionals in buildings and office construction, carry out total management that includes not only construction of building and MEP but also office layout, ICT, furniture and fixtures, and relocation. By our total mangement, we support the realization of "the creation of ideal office buildings for clients."

Rental Office Building -Value Management-

A rental building is required to have enhanced value for increasing its market competitiveness and improving its asset value along with the passage of time.
We have extensive project experience in enhancing the value of office buildings, and can propose a renewal plan to provide enhanced asset value. In addition, we carry out cost control from the design stage through to the construction, and support maximization of the efficiency of the client's investment.